Money matters. The financial resources to assist you and your Bruin are at your fingertips. From Financial Aid to BruinBill, any question you have about finances at UCLA can be answered through this section.


FERPA/3rd Party Access

Third Party View is access that can be granted to a third party by a student. A third party can have access to the student’s BruinBill, grades, can receive payment reminder emails, etc. Without third party access to a student’s account, no information can be disclosed to anyone but the student. For more information on third party access click here.


Financial Aid & Scholarships

The mission of the UCLA Financial Aid and Scholarships office is to help remove financial barriers and to assist students in meeting the rising cost of attendance at UCLA. The office will assist students in completing their application for financial aid, determining the level of need and offering financial aid to meet educational expenses. For information such as filling out the FAFSA, Summer Aid and the types of financial aid available to your student, click here.



All students are assigned a BruinBill account which records all charges and payments associated with registration (e.g. quarterly tuition and fees), along with other service charges (e.g. health insurance, Summer Session, housing, parking and even ASUCLA textbooks) that are assessed to students. Students must pay all charges in full by the 20th of the month following the posting date of the charge. Click here to see payment deadlines.



The BruinCard is the passport to life at UCLA. It serves as a debit card, a residence hall access card, a meal card, library card and much more. Click above for more information on the services offered by the BruinCard center, including a list of vendors that accept the BruinCard.