At UCLA, we believe an informed and supportive family plays an integral role in a student’s educational success. To that end, Bruin Family Insights is here to equip families with knowledge to help you get to know UCLA better, and encourage your student to thrive during their time at UCLA and beyond. In each episode, we explore the ins-and-outs of UCLA through the eyes of those who know this journey best: staff, faculty, students and – of course – Bruin parents themselves. Visit our Anchor podcast page to check out all of our episodes, and learn where you can listen and subscribe (including Spotify, Google Podcasts and RadioPublic).

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February 2019 – Getting to Graduation

The journey to graduation can be a confusing one as students work to meet academic requirements while also gaining the experiences they desire from college. In this discussion, hear from UCLA staff about everything from helping your student get the courses they need to how opportunities like honors courses, study abroad, summer session and taking on a minor can affect degree completion. 

February 2017 – Building Strong Connections Among Student & Faculty

Students can greatly benefit, both professionally and academically, from developing strong relationships with professors throughout their undergraduate career. Faculty, student and parent panelists share how.

Career Development

February 2019 Unconventional Career Paths

Understanding how to manage finances is a critical component of college student wellness. Between tuition, financial aid options and strategic financial planning, there are so many factors to consider. Join us as we share financial support resources available to your Bruin, important dates and deadlines, and strategies for assisting your student in becoming financially savvy.

April 2018 Careers After UCLA

The UCLA Alumni Association has numerous engagement opportunities for current students, parents and families, and alumni. As Bruins navigate their professional and academic development, Alumni Career Programs can help them achieve their goals. Join the senior director of Bruin Connections and Alumni Career Programs, Angela Scales ’03, as she discusses networking and engagement opportunities available to Bruins at any stage in the career life cycle. With resources like UCLA ONE, UCLA’s exclusive online professional networking platform, the UCLA Alumni Mentor Program , and industry-based networking nights, your Bruin has everything they need to make effective career decisions throughout their undergraduate years and beyond graduation.

March 2018 Understanding Your Student’s Summer Opportunities

Determining how best to spend the summer months is a question most UCLA students encounter at some point during their educational journey. From travel study, to summer courses, to internships, Bruins have many opportunities to further their education and professional development during this time. Join Parent & Family Programs and our panelists as we explore these options, delve into the benefits of various programs and help you support your student’s decision-making process.

May 2016 – Preparing for Life After UCLA

Whether your student has their sights set on landing their dream job or starting a graduate program, UCLA has resources to assist them in this process.

Health and Safety

March 2019Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention

Colleges and universities around the country are actively promoting education and policies to prevent incidents of sexual violence on campus. Understanding healthy, consensual and safe sexual practices in college is an increasingly important topic, and parents and families have the opportunity to contribute significantly to this conversation. Join us as we explore sexual health resources available to students, learn strategies for engaging in conversations about healthy sexual practices, and discuss the current climate at UCLA and how the University is working to prevent sexual violence.

October 2018 – Alcohol and Other Drugs

Talking with your student about alcohol and other drug use during their time in college is vital to their health and wellness. From prevention, to safe practices, to recovery support, you should be aware of what resources UCLA has available. Join us for this important discussion as we explore how to engage your student regarding this topic, explain alcohol and drug use trends among college-age students, and share resources available to your Bruin.

November 2017 – Addressing Mental Health & Holistic Wellness With Your Student

College campuses across the nation are continually working to support students experiencing mental health issues. As students navigate significant academic, social, and professional stressors, it is important to understand how they may be affected and how you as their support network can help them thrive. Join us and our panelists for this YouTube Live event as we discuss college student mental health and holistic wellness, and how you can navigate these challenges alongside your student.

Some of the resources referenced in the discussion can be found here:

Students in Crisis



Active Minds

Depression Grand Challenge


UCLA Recreation

Crisis Line

September 2017 – Is My Student Safe? Understanding Campus Safety & Security

As a parent or guardian, campus safety and security are prominent concerns when your student is away at college. In the wake of recent campus emergencies across the country, it is important to know what resources are available to both you and your student and have a foundational understanding of what UCLA is doing to keep the community safe. Join us and our panelists for this YouTube Live event as we discuss safety and security efforts and resources at UCLA.

New and Prospective Bruin Families

August 2018 – Inside Undergraduate Admission

UCLA was ranked the number one public university in the 2018 U.S. News and World Report “Best Colleges” Rankings. With more than 100,000 applicants for the 2018-19 academic year, the admissions process for each entering class continues to be both complex and exciting. Join us as we chat with Gary Clark and Mike Drish from UCLA Undergraduate Admission about how their team navigates recruitment, admission and yield efforts for the most sought-after public institution in the country.

June 2018 Everything to Know About Orientation 

As your family begins to think about your student’s transition to UCLA, New Student Orientation and New Family Orientation are sure to be important topics of conversation. This bonus episode of Bruin Family Insights is exclusively designed to help new Bruin families answer any lingering questions about this important transitional resource. View the discussion to understand why orientation is an important resource for the entire family and gain clarity regarding what to expect at each session.

August 2017 – Transitioning to UCLA

The transition to college can be overwhelming not only for students, but also for their support system(s). Understanding resources available to you and your student during this time can help alleviate anxiety and improve communication with your student. Join us and this month’s panelists as we discuss the transition to college and how you can best support your student.

Parent Support Strategies

September 2019 A Chat with Bruin Parents

The college-going process is a continuous learning experience, not only for students, but also for their families, who share in the journey. Join us tonight to hear from Bruin parents at various stages of their student’s UCLA experience and their own relationship with the University. These firsthand perspectives will include advice for supporting students at all points in their UCLA career and valuable resources for families at UCLA. 

December 2018 UCLA Legislative Advocacy

Legislative advocacy is a critical component of UCLA’s history, culture and sustainment as a California public university. Join us as we discuss how UCLA and, more broadly, the University of California advocate at the local, state and national levels, gain insight into current issues in California higher education, and learn how Bruin families can serve as champions by getting involved with UC advocacy efforts.

This virtual discussion references the UC Advocacy Network (UCAN). Sign up for UCAN here or by texting “UC” to the number 52886. 

April 2019 – First-Generation Students & Families

First-generation college students are identified as individuals whose parents/guardians have not received a four-year bachelor’s degree in the United States. Nearly one-third of the UCLA undergraduate population are the first in their family to graduate from a four-year university. For students and their families who identify as “first-gen,” navigating college comes with unique challenges and opportunities that often shape the entire family’s college experience. Join us to gain insight into the first-generation student experience, learn about UCLA resources available to first-generation students, and understand how first-generation families can deepen their connection to the University.

December 2017 Communicating with Your Student During Winter Break

Navigating evolving relationship dynamics with your college student can feel strenuous, particularly when they return home for extended breaks. Expectation shifts, increased student independence, and overall emerging adulthood often require new approaches to communication. Join us and our panelists for this YouTube Live event as we discuss strategies for engaging with your student when they return home, and communicating from a distance – whether they are unable to come home for the break or after they head back to campus.

Student Life

January 2019 – Financial Wellness in College

Understanding how to manage finances is a critical component of college student wellness. Between tuition, financial aid options and strategic financial planning, there are so many factors to consider. Join us as we share financial support resources available to your Bruin, important dates and deadlines, and strategies for assisting your student in becoming financially savvy.

November 2018 – Volunteer Opportunities for Students & Families

UCLA’s three pillars of community are education, research and service. As such, volunteerism is a vital part of the UCLA experience for students, alumni and families alike. Each year the UCLA Volunteer Center supports a number of service projects including their annual UCLA Volunteer Day , which celebrated its 10th anniversary last month and has grown to involve more than 8,000 UCLA community members worldwide. Join us as we discuss volunteer opportunities available to you and your Bruin through UCLA, learn about UCLA’s commitment to volunteering and community service, and understand why volunteerism is a critical component of student development and success.

July 2018 – Navigating Housing and Residential Life

For students able to live on campus, this is a seminal part of their college experience. Understanding move-in and move-out procedures, navigating how to live in community with others (possibly for the first time), and learning to be self-sufficient are all components of your Bruin’s growth in the residence halls. Join us for this special summer installment of Bruin Family Insights as we explore the benefits and challenges of living on “The Hill” and share how you can best support your Bruin as they do so.

February 2018 The Best We Could Do: A Common Book Discussion

UCLA’s 2017-18 Common Book, “The Best We Could Do” by Thi Bui, follows Bui’s journey with her family from Vietnam during the 1970s. Bui’s gripping graphic novel explores the anguish of immigration and the lasting effects that displacement has on a child and her family. Join Parent & Family Programs and our panelists as we explore the book’s themes including parenting, immigration and intergenerational conflict and how these themes are woven into the UCLA community and student experience. Discussion includes the UCLA Common Book program, its history within and beyond campus and its role in developing students as global citizens.

January, 2018 A Chat with the Dean for Students 

The UCLA Office of the Dean of Students strives to serve as a portal to understanding the UCLA experience and is committed to the personal and intellectual growth and development of UCLA students. Units under the dean’s office include the ADA/504 Compliance Office, the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life, the LGBT Resource Center, Parent & Family Programs and Student Legal Services. Join UCLA Dean for Students, Dr. Maria Blandizzi, as she answers your questions about student and family life and the current campus climate at UCLA.

October 2017 – Keeping Up with Bruin Traditions

UCLA’s nearly 100-year history is filled with Bruin spirit and wonderful traditions. During this virtual discussion we will explore major traditions and events on campus, and the various campus entities who work to keep these examples of Bruin pride alive. Get to know UCLA and get in touch with your inner Bruin!

This virtual discussion references UCLA’s upcoming centennial celebration and the launch event for the university’s centennial campaign in 2014. View the spectacular centennial launch here

September 2017 – Going Greek: What to Know About Fraternity & Sorority Life at UCLA

Understanding and supporting your student’s Greek experience can seem challenging if you are not familiar with the system, traditions or terminology. In addition, the media has in many ways created a narrative focused only on certain aspects of fraternity and sorority life that perpetuate a narrow understanding of what it means to be Greek. Join us and our panelists for this live virtual discussion as we explore the ins-and-outs of fraternity and sorority life at UCLA and the benefits of becoming involved in a Greek organization.

We received many questions regarding hazing for this virtual discussion. For more information on UCLA’s policies on hazing, please visit the UCLA Student Code of Conduct, Section 102.12 (page 14). 

October 2016 Fostering a Diverse & Inclusive Bruin Community

Dr. LT Rease-Miles and Patricia Chau Nguyen share resources available students acclimate to UCLA.

February 2016 – Meet the Dean of Students

UCLA Dean of Students, Maria Blandizzi, provides and introduction and overview of how her office supports student and their families.

Special Topics

September 2020 UCLA Parent Town Hall: COVID-19