Summer Sessions LogoNow that Spring Quarter is coming to a close, Bruins are hurriedly making summer plans.

While vacations and relaxing are undoubtedly on the agenda, many UCLA students choose to spend their summers participating in Summer Sessions.

In fact, nearly 80% of UCLA undergraduates attend Summer Sessions at one point during their study. Much like any other quarter at UCLA, Summer Sessions empowers students to enrich their academic and professional careers through individual academic courses and College/Professional Summer Institutes.

Here’s how your student can make the most of summer!

#1 – Enroll in Individual Academic Courses


UCLA Summer Sessions offers over 1,200 academic courses in more than 150 subject areas. Courses are offered during two convenient sessions allowing students flexibility in planning their summer.

Online courses offer even more flexibility and convenience for students who would rather take courses from home or wherever they go for the summer. Session A begins on June 20 and Session C begins on August 1.

“Having done it [taken courses] over Summer, I got a lot more time to meet the professor and ask a lot more in-depth questions,” said Sheena Sharifi, Biology & Global Studies double major. “Because it was a smaller class size, we got to know that professor really well and he’s actually serving as my senior thesis advisor.”

UCLA students choose to take courses in the summer for a variety of reasons:

  • Lighten their course load during the academic year
  • Fulfill degree requirements to graduate on time or early
  • Create flexibility to double major, take up a minor, or study abroad
  • Focus on touch courses with less distractions
  • Save money (in-state tuition for all students in summer)
  • Take an interesting course outside their major
  • Complete the entire Foreign Language Requirement with a language intensive course

On-campus housing and parking are available, as well as a wealth of campus resources.

#2 – Register for College/Professional Summer Institutes

In today’s competitive job market, it takes more than a college degree to break into a chosen career, even for the best and brightest of Bruins.

While internships and summer jobs are one way to get a leg-up on the competition, students participating in UCLA College/Professional Summer Institutes earn UCLA academic credit and prepare for careers in architecture, entertainment, film, media, music, technology and more, all at the same time.

“We’ve tried to strike a balance with how demanding the academic side of things are with recognizing the fact that there is an experiential component of this,” said Mark Francis, MEMES Summer Institute instructor, in a recent video.

The 2016 College/Professional Summer Institutes are:

Summer Institutes are taught by experts in their fields who understand the high expectations of employers and what it takes to stand out.

Each program enhances the traditional classroom experience by combining the rigor of UCLA academics with unique, hands-on learning opportunities, such as:

  • Guest lecture series with industry professionals
  • Site visits to world-renowned companies
  • Networking with industry insiders
  • Portfolio workshops
  • Career symposiums
  • Team projects, and much more!

What should my student do NOW?

The start of Summer Sessions is right around the corner (June 20), so time is of the essence!

Students should:

  • Find the academic courses or Summer Institutes they want to take,
  • Discuss the options and their impact on degree progress with a departmental advisor.
  • Enroll online!