UCLA Student Accounts


BruinBill is the account that houses a student’s registration fees and campus charges. The BruinBill can be accessed at my.ucla.edu. In order to access the BruinBill as a parent you have to sign up for third party access, with your students permission. Find out more about the options families use to finance your students education.

BruinBill Payment Options:

Third Party View - Authorize a third party, such as a parent, to access your BruinBill account. They will be able to make payments and receive helpful payment deadline email reminders. Details about your billing account cannot be disclosed to anyone other than you or a designated third party.
BruinPay Plan - BPP allows you to spread your term tuition into monthly installment payments and helps prevent classes from being dropped. Check out our website to see if you are eligible for the plan and for future enrollment dates.BruinDirect - The fastest way for students to receive any additional funds not applied to their tuition and fees is through a BruinDirect account. Students can receive their refunds within 2-3 days and avoid waiting on mailed checks. It’s easy, free, and automatic – to find our more click here. eCheck - Choose electronic check when paying your BruinBill. This is a free and convenient way to have payments post instantly; avoiding holds, delinquent fees and dropped classes.

Key Dates to Note:

Winter 2016 Term Fees available to view on November 20th

Financial Aid is disbursed on January 1, 2016

– If you have set up autopay as your payment option be sure to check your disbursement date (it may be scheduled on or before the 20th of the month to meet the payment deadline).

New Options for Sponsorship Students:

We have launched an all new MYUCLA online billing portal that allows third party sponsors to pay all tuition charges and student fees. For more information on how your Bruin’s sponsoring organization can gain access, click here.

UCLA BruinCard Center


The BruinCard is an all-access pass to life on and off the UCLA campus. In addition to being your student’s official university ID card, there are many other features that the BruinCard offers. Check out this video for more information on what’s in a BruinCard.

BruinCard EasyPay:

Place the campus and beyond at your Bruin’s fingertips by making a deposit onto their BruinCard EasyPay account from the convenience of your own home. To make a deposit and for more information on BruinCard, visit www.bruincard.ucla.edu

More Places than ever to use BruinCard EasyPay:

We have some new additions to our BruinCard merchant family. In addition to dining facilities on the Hill and ASUCLA restaurants, here are some Westwood locations that accept BruinCard EasyPay as payment:

For full merchant listings, select the merchant tab on the BruinCard website.