The GRIT Peer Coaching program is committed to the development and well-being of the whole student. GRIT stands for guidance, resilience, integrity and transformation.  In this program, your student will receive individualized support from trained peer coaches who provide a safe and supportive space in which your student can comfortably share issues, concerns, or life updates.

This program is one of the services offered by the Bruin Resource Center, a department that serves all students with particular focus on specific student populations, including undocumented students, transfer students, student veterans, former/current foster youth, students in recovery, and students with dependents.

What happens in a GRIT coaching session?

Peer coaches will provide one-on-one weekly sessions to your student for the duration of a quarter.  Through a dynamic process of active listening, the coach supports the student to focus one or two primary areas for the session. They collaboratively partner to identify next steps, skill building or resource opportunities, and set actionable goals to work towards. Coaches will keep in touch with your student between sessions to help empower them to meet their identified goals.

Topic areas that may be covered in a session can include:

  • navigating transition to UCLA student life
  • ways to manage stress
  • how to communicate effectively
  • understanding and managing emotions
  • mindfulness and deep breathing
  • improving time management
  • academic study skills
  • goal setting and problem solving
  • how to connect with students on campus
  • referrals to a wide variety of campus resources
Coaching is an effective model for developing your student’s holistic well-being and success. Check out what students reported after receiving GRIT coaching for one quarter!


Students can sign up for a GRIT peer coach at any time during the academic year.  We are currently taking requests for fall quarter!  Feel free to visit our FAQ page for additional questions, or contact us: /


Check out what participants had to say about the program:

“GRIT was such an incredible experience. This past spring quarter at UCLA was the best quarter I’ve had thus far and I credit a lot of that to GRIT. For the first time ever, I realized how important it is to make sure I am happy and healthy, instead of only focusing on my output. Once I started focusing on my well-being, it seemed like everything else in my life just fell into place. I felt happier, had more energy, enjoyed school more, and was more excited about life in general. I had quite a few bumps in the road towards the end of the quarter and it hit me really really hard. But another thing GRIT taught me was that it was okay to be sad and disappointed as long as I got back on my horse as soon as I could. As mentally and emotionally challenging as the quarter was, I felt like I was able to gather the strength to get through it with skills I learned in GRIT.”


“This past quarter, I have had the privilege to experience how valuable a life coaching program can be by participating in the GRIT Coaching Program as a coachee. The program has created a space for me to reflect on my life, identify what needs I am not satisfying, and take steps to meet those needs. I have especially enjoyed the guidance of my peer coach in helping me identify areas of challenge in my life that I have been able to address by setting goals and utilizing the resources available to me at UCLA. From my experience with a peer coach, I can confidently state that a life coaching program can be very valuable to the student community.”

“Since the college is so big, I did not know where to start to make friends and get social, so I stayed in the little bubble of my room for the first quarter. However, once I started talking to my GRIT coach, I realized how great it is to talk to people again and that motivated me to put myself out there and find people with similar interests as me. Talking to my GRIT coach also helped me put away the stresses of one week so that I could start the next afresh. Furthermore, my coach gave me the courage the reach out to more resources such as my RA, who I talked to for the first time after my coach suggested that I do. This experience has been crucial for my transition from a cocoon to a butterfly.”