Move-in Weekend is almost here! Housing Services is excited and almost ready for students to arrive on The Hill. Each year we look forward to moving in over 13,000 students to The Hill (where all the on campus housing is located). We know, especially for first-year families, move in can be an emotional time that may be met with anxiety, therefore we do our best to ease some of those feelings upon arrival on campus.

Move In 1

First, let’s review some essential information about move in. Students receive their specific room and roommate information at the end of August along with their specific move in date and time. Students living on campus received a move in date between Thursday, Sept. 19 and Saturday, Sept. 21, 2019. Students moving into University owned apartments will receive a move in time for Saturday, Sept. 21 through Sunday, Sept. 22. The last item included on the move-in site was the parking pass needed to park in your designated lot. Do not forget to print and place the parking pass in your car for your move-in day. Students can log back into the move in website at any time to access this information at

During move-in times UCLA restricts access to parking lots that are close to the residence specifically for move-in activity. The University asks all families to utilize their designated lot on their parking pass for the unloading process only, and then can move their car to the long term lot available to enjoy the festivities of move in.

Students who are unable to move in during their assigned date and time due to personal conflicts may select an alternate move in time through the Reservation System. These alternate times are limited, and if you are unable to select a new time, but can’t make your scheduled time, we will identify a specific time of day during the four days of move in that we will be able to accommodate you. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate any arrivals earlier than Thursday, Sept. 19 .

Once your student is all set with their move-in date, it’s time to start thinking about what to bring! We encourage your students to start talking to their future roommates, to work out what big items they would like in the room.

One small or mini refrigerator (no more than 6 cubic ft. in size) or one micro-fridge (combination microwave and refrigerator) is allowed in each room on campus; two units are permitted in each residential suite. Due to limited electrical capacity, standalone microwaves are not allowed. Lots of students opt to rent a microfridge for the year. If ordered before move-in, the microfridge will be delivered to your students’ room prior to their arrival, and picked up at the end of the year. You may contact Collegiate Concepts Inc. for more information about the microfridge program.

There are some other items not allowed in the rooms, and a helpful list when planning what to bring include: the Office of Residential Life’s What to Bring and What Not to Bring. Keep in mind there are stores conveniently located in Westwood, which are great for grabbing any additional items once the students are already in their space.

We understand that some students are coming from out of state and wish to ship belongings; however Housing does not have the space to store packages prior to arrival and ask that you please wait to ship items until after your student has moved in.

Once you and your student have settled on what you will be bringing on move in day, we highly encourage you to take a look at this move-in video to get a better sense of what the actual day will look like. We have lots of move in assistants eager to help you get your student in their room and settled in an organized and efficient manner.

It really is a fun time for the whole family!

There will be free food, music, and activities for everyone to enjoy. Your student’s contracted meal plan begins Sunday night at dinner, but the residential restaurants are open every day during move in and available for your student to eat in gratis. In addition to their meal swipes, each student will receive an additional 3 meal swipes to use once (for example if your student brings the family to lunch he/she can swipe in themselves and up to 3 people) so feel free to join them for a meal as well.

We look forward to welcoming you and your Bruin to campus and are excited for a great year ahead!