Is your student moving into an off-campus apartment?  Then your student should know about the services that Student Legal Services can offer.  The attorneys at Student Legal Services (SLgS) can review students’ leases to explain the terms of the lease and ensure that there are no illegal provisions.  The attorneys also can give students valuable information about what steps to take to enhance their ability to get the landlord to make necessary repairs and have their security deposit refunded when they move out. 

If your student already is living off campus, SLgS can help with any type of issue that arises with the landlord or their roommates.  Although landlord/tenant matters are the most common types of issue SLgS handles, the attorneys can also assist with virtually any legal issue that students encounter including, but not limited to, accidents and injuries, traffic tickets, financial (credit cards, collections, and student loans), University-related, alcohol, employment, consumer, and immigration matters.  SLgS is located in A239 Murphy Hall, and students can contact SLgS at 310.825.9894 and  Students can request an appointment at