The UCLA BruinCard serves as your student’s identification card, gym pass, library card, meal card, building access card and allows your student to pay for laundry in the residence halls. Additionally, many Bruins and families use the BruinCard as a convenient debit card for purchases on campus and from various vendors in the community.

Parents and students can deposit money on the BruinCard using machines stationed across campus or online. Many parents use the BruinCard to track a student’s spending on campus, for books, school supplies, food, etc. Additionally, students appreciate the ease of a single swipe, instead of carrying cash or additional debit or credit cards (and without overdraft fees!).

Funds can be deposited as Easy Pay, allowing purchases wherever the BruinCard is accepted, or Food Only, restricting usage of the funds for food purchase at on-campus restaurants only. NOTE: Cash on the BruinCard will remain on the card until six months after graduation. To close your student’s BruinCard debit account and request a refund of any remaining balance, please fill out a refund request form.

Visit BruinCard online with any questions, or call at (310) 825-2336. The on-campus BruinCard office for students is located at 123 Kerckhoff Hall.